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Our company was founded in 1980 by Msc.,Eng. mechanic Jerzy Cascarino, co-author of dozen patents on textile machines and creator of many machines' designs for light industry. Under his direction experienced team of employees came into being. They are specialized in designing and producing unique machines and technical devices on a very high level.

  Our company's achievement include several dozen of produced machines, which have gained favorable opinion in Poland and abroad (Spain, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Brasil, Mexico, Hungary, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Moldova).
   Presented list of our products is systematically extended due to constant research on the designs for the new types of machines, inspired by market needs and remarks from our consumers. That is why we encourage you in cooperation with our company.
With true pleasure we present you most of our produced machines. All of them were designed by our team of designers and very carefully checked in series of research. We offer 12 months guarantee on every product. Moreover, we provide service under the terms of the guarantee and after guarantee period within the boundaries of the country.
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Automatic machine for making star bows AGW-06
Automatic machine for making star bows AGW-06 The machine is used for making self-sticking star bows out of polypropylene tape. The bows are produced for sticking on gifts and for other decorative purposes. They may have a different number of points, which can be changed easily by setting the electronic counter. A wide range of diameters of the bow can be selected. The finished product is connected to a strip of adhesive tape.

Machine for winding robbons on cocoons NTK-30
Machine for winding robbons on cocoons NTK-30 The machine is designed for the bulk-breaking of varicoloured polypropylene ribbons used for packing gifts, decorating bunches and for other decorative purposes. A 20 mm wide ribbon roll forms a feeding beam and four narrow 5mm wide ribbons spooled on trade-available bobbin-free beams , so called „cocoons”, form the final product. Those beams are featured with barrel shape and precise winding net structure, which assures them nice look and high durability.

Automatic bandage winder ANB-08
Automatic bandage winder ANB-08 The machine is used for winding elastic and non-elastic bandage into bandage rolls of a precisely measured length, used in trade practices. The machine can rewind bandage from the bobbins, diameter of which is up to 500mm.

Pompon making machine APP-13
Pompon making machine APP-13 The machine of production pompoms APP-13 is intended for production of decorative pompoms from yarns. Received pompoms are finding application in the branch textile chiefly as the decorative element of caps, bandannas and for other decorative purposes


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Haberdashery crocheting machine MX-07
Haberdashery crocheting machine MX-07 The knit braider machine (needle plaiting machine) MX-07 is designed to produce narrow goods like strings, lines, shoe-lices, wicks, elastics etc. by knitting.

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